Nov. 7, 2022

The Short-Timer

The Short-Timer

Kellen Lutz (Twilight) portrays Bob Means, who was in one of the biggest battles of Vietnam... he just couldn't remember it. One day, years later, it all came flooding back, the memories he had completely repressed, of his experiences. You'll hear it in Bob's own words, and as performed by Kellen Lutz, in this episode of True War Stories: Mission Report.

You can read more of Bob's story in his autobiography My Soul To Keep, available on Amazon:

True War Stories: Mission Report is a production of Voyage Media. The series is produced by Nat Mundel, Robert Mitas, and Dan Benamor. This episode, The Short-Timer, was written, directed and produced by Adam Prince, based on Bob Means’ autobiography My Soul To Keep. Starring Kellen Lutz as Bob, Ryan Caltagirone as Kyle, and Peter Lawson Jones as Drill Sergeant/SeaBee Chief. Edited by John Higgins. Original music by Derlis Gonzalez.

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