May 9, 2022

Episode 2: Money Supply

Episode 2: Money Supply
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Jonathan Frakes (Star Trek) plays Richard Golden's father, who may have been the victim of the biggest financial crime in human history. Rich tells the story in this episode of Allegedly. Decide for yourself if his story could be true.

This episode is based on Rich's book, Golden Jubilee.You can find it here:

Allegedly is a production of Voyage Media. The series is produced by Nat Mundel, Robert Mitas, Dan Benamor and Adam Prince, in association with Darren Marlar’s Weird Darkness. This episode, Money Supply, was written and directed by Adam Prince, based on Rich Golden’s book Golden Jubilee. Edited, sound designed and mixed by Nick Messitte. Original music by Derlis Gonzalez. Starring Jonathan Frakes, James Eckhouse and Ray Xifo. If you’re enjoying the show, please leave us a five star review on Apple Podcasts or anywhere you’re listening, and subscribe now for future episodes. 

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