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Listen to this podcast today so you can watch something good tonight!

Whenever I see that Dan has dropped a new episode, I pause whatever podcast I’m listening to and switch to his. I enjoy hearing his recommendations, or just learning more about a show (or movie or doc) I already love!

Love it!!!

I love this podcast! Dan does an amazing job giving extensive background information on beloved, classic, and great films. The length of each episode leaves you fulfilled yet ready for the next dose. This is a podcast for cinema lovers and for anyone just interested in learning more about their favorite movie or getting great perspectives, or, as Dan says, to make it easier to choose something to enjoy when you’re not sure what to watch. Give it a listen, you won’t regret it!

Great recs!

Dan does a great job giving you just the right amount of detail about a show, in addition to being very well spoken and insightful! Highly recommend when you are looking for something to watch.

Tremendous concept

How was this title not taken. Benamor combines intelligence with insight, brevity with passion and above all a worthwhile use of my time. I’d recommend this to anyone who finds themselves rewatching things especially for not knowing what to watch. It has become my Go-To for evening watching

Thank you for making unlimited TV watching easier

This show has become my go to whenever I want to figure out what to watch before I doom scroll my plethora of streaming services. Seriously, it’s a curator of all the stuff that fits my type or tv and film.

Great things to watch.

I LOVE this podcast. If you take the time to email Dan, he will write you back. I was a fan of his other podcasts and I literally feel like Dan and I would be friends based on our love of the same movies. In honor of you doing There Will be Blood, I want to request my favorite movie of all time. Magnolia by Paul Thomas Anderson.

Do not miss this!

I can't count the number of hours I've spent on many nights searching for something to watch. Not anymore! This podcast hasn't given me a bad suggestion yet, and it highlights content I'd never heard of before.

Great suggestions!

This is exactly the kind of podcast that I have been looking for! I am frequently looking for something great to watch and usually end up disappointed! I have loved your recommendation so far, the only suggestion that I have is please share where we can watch at the beginning! Thanks!!