A new true crime story about innocence, guilt, and the thin line that divides them when you’re accused of a crime… The Patsy. Narrated by The West Wing’s Joshua Malina. We don't think about journalists being killed in America. But it happens here too. On June 2, 1976, Don Bolles, a reporter for the Arizona Republic, was killed by a car bomb in the parking lot of a hotel in Phoenix – the first assassination of an investigative journalist in modern America. Bolles had been writing about corruption in the state, especially the connection between the dog racing industry and the mafia. Max Dunlap, a local heavy dirt contractor and family man with seven children, was accused and ultimately convicted of involvement in the crime. The new true crime podcast The Patsy investigates his story, through the eyes of his daughter Karen, and Pulitzer-Prize nominated reporter Don Devereaux, who long suspected Max’s innocence, and spent decades finding evidence to support it. A story that goes from street-level hoodlums, to the mafia, to the district attorney’s office, all the way up to the governor’s mansion.