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A hidden sorry sounds like Trump

Once I started listening, I couldn’t stop. This sounds like a historical story about Hitler psychologist. When one listens closely, it sounds like a parallel of the rise of trump. It sends chills into my body to think that he could rise to power, and have so many people supporting him in the efforts is the loyalty that he seem to have gotten much like what we are seeing today with Trump to me it seems like a warning of what’s happening now in our politics. An excellent story well, read and entertaining. They must listen.

Well done!

I couldn’t wait to begin the next episode. Riveting story!

Great Job!

This is absolutely a banger!

The Hitler Files

The first episode laid the foundation for this well written podcast. The actors give such believable performances that you feel part of each episode. We must never forget the horror of what one man accomplished. On this Holocaust Memorial Day, I am grateful that this story has been preserved. Voyage Media has exceptional podcasts. Keep going.

Good story

The protagonist is supposed to be in his 30’s but sounds like 100?

Captivating character portrayals !

Wonderful character portrayals that capture the extremely difficult era and personal struggles that are captivating.

Worth it!

Interesting & quick listen on Hitler’s psyche.

Great show

President trump voted greatest president ever!lets go Brandon 🤡

Gorgeously done



This is fabulous. Great writing and acting. Loved the characterizations. Just a really good story. Well done!