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Sad story told very well!

Definitely keeps your attention- it’s one you’ll be anxious to hear the rest!


Informative and a cautionary tale that is too common... everyone knows someone who you'll think of while listening... unfortunately. ❤️

well done

Olga, thank you for being vunrable and real. It must have been a challenge for you to trust someone else to share your and your daughter's story!! I am also impresssed by the behind the sence episode usually they are horiable but not this one. it was very engaging.!!

Very Good but also Sad

This was really good and big thanks to Olga for sharing her story. It makes me wanna hold my kids just a bit tighter everyday.

Really excellent

Extremely high-quality in all respects. A rare listening pleasure!

Modern Day “Sunset Boulevard”

So far excellent voice over artists, well-paced, sharp sound effects and a compelling murder mystery keeps my tuned in. On Episode Three. Top-notch production! Christopher Koefoed

Different than the others

Much needed change from the typical murder mystery! Really enjoying this format. Story is heartbreaking but well done.


This podcast was excellent it was griping it had my attention to the end I had feelings for the mom and daughter going through her turmoil as well as being told by her loving mother I would never want to go through this with anyone of my daughters I listened scared at ever pause knowing my children were safe and sound at home

Good production values! Keep it up!

I am an investor in this company and I know now I made the correct decision!

Let me tell you about my murder

As a mother of a child who experimented with a drug and suicided, i can relate. This woman’s child lives on in the story. It makes us more aware of drugs on our lives.


This was a very well done story. I could imagine seeing it as the story progressed. It was intriguing, fascinating and very believable. Olga has ny sympathy.


I’m not a fan of true crime stories but I really enjoyed this. The way it was told really brought me in. I felt like I was reliving this horrible story with the mom. I will definitely forward this to a friend

Let Me Tell You About My Murder

If you enjoy True Crime, this story will grab you. Told in an innovative way with narration, dialogue, music, and sound effects, it builds suspense from beginning to satisfying end.

Well done

A bit repetitive, but a good production of a captivating story.

Very promising!

Just started listening to this, so far I can’t stop playing it!

Let Me Tell You About My Murder

Powerful, insightful, heartbreaking, and true story. Olga, a fiercely brave and loving mother; and Zoie, a bright, lovable daughter with a drug problem. An authentic look into drug addiction and its inherent deadly dangers, and one mother’s courageous and determined search for the truth of her daughter’s death as told in her daughter’s voice from beyond the grave.

Let me tell you about my murder

Very entertaining podcast. Absolutely terrific production values and engaging and professional voice actors. Top notch.


This podcast had me from the minute I started listening. I loved that it's from the perspective of the victim. Such a heartbreaking story! Well done all around. I look forward to more in this series and hope that Olga has found some peace.