Dec. 14, 2022

Hope Lives Here returns for Season 2!

Hope Lives Here returns for Season 2!
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It's cold. It gets dark early. This is the time of year where you might need a little pick-me up. This holiday season, Voyage Media presents Season 2 of Hope Lives Here, an anthology series of inspirational true stories. From the story of a love against all odds in the era of slavery that changed the course of history, to a married couple trying to literally outrun Alzheimer's by running marathons all over the world, to a young baseball player overcoming tragedy to triumph against persecution, to one man's immigrant story that gave his family the American Dream, each episode has a self-contained full story of inspiration, with interviews with the real people involved, and actor portrayals, immersive sound design and original music that provide a cinematic experience for your ears. Catch up on Season 1 and listen to Season 2 of Hope Lives Here anywhere you listen to podcasts.

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