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Rise and Shine

A touching story about the love of a mother for her daughter.

Remembering Terri episode

New to the podcast series here. I married into the family of Terri’s and I can honestly say there was not a single time I have ever been around Terri that she wasn’t smiling and spreading her joy touching everyone’s life she came into contact with. Janice, you are indeed a beautiful soul just as Terri is. What a beautifully moving and inspirational testimony of Terri. Thank you for sharing that with us all.


Great series!

Rise and shine

It was a honor for me to personally know Terri. The podcast describes who she was. She truly brought joy to so many. I enjoyed having Sunday dinner with the family every week. She loved it!! I would always bring her candy and her mom would have to let her only have small amounts because she would eat the entire bag. I miss Terri and her smile. She will always hold a special place in my heart. I love you Terri.