Jan. 3, 2022

Head in Heaven, Feet on Earth

Head in Heaven, Feet on Earth
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Parveen Smith knows things she couldn't possibly know, like that a stranger crying on a train has lost the love of her life. She has healed herself from serious illness, and she's healed others, in ways that defy what we think we know about how the world works. How? Find out for yourself, in this episode.

To hear more of Parveen's stories, you can find her two books, Seeing is Believing, Believing is Seeingand Head in Heaven, Feet on Earth, on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Parveen-Smith/e/B0913L84G1/ref=dp_byline_cont_pop_book_1

Hope Lives Hereis a production of Voyage Media. The series is produced by Nat Mundel, Robert Mitas, Dan Benamor and Adam Prince. This episode was written, directed and produced by Dan Benamor. Poonam Basu and Kieren van den Blink star in this episode. Editing by Jaxson McLennan. Music by Derlis Gonzalez.