July 25, 2022

Pieces Of Eight

Pieces Of Eight

A man reeling from a breakup takes a vacation to Florida, and things go very, very, impossibly wrong.

Fever Dreams: A Pulp Collection, is a production of Voyage Media. The series is produced by Nat Mundel, Robert Mitas and Dan Benamor, in association with Robert Lamb and Jack Austin of 7 Lamb Productions. This episode, Pieces of Eight was directed, adapted and produced by Jonathan Rosenthal, based on the short story of the same name by R. James Gurr. Editing and sound design by Jaxson McLennan. Original music by Derlis Gonzalez. Starring Ray Carsillo as Rick, Annie Abrams as Linda, Luca Malacrino as Jake, Abraham Luna as Sea Captain, Cyril Meyer as Mike and Coroner, Jerome St. Jerome as Police Chief, and Michael Ruesga as Dave.

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