June 13, 2022

Otzi The Iceman Must Die

Otzi The Iceman Must Die
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Ethan Suplee stars as an ancient killer, in the coldest murder case in human history. Otzi's body was discovered perfectly preserved in the alps between Austria and Italy, in 1991. A forensic autopsy was performed on his body. He died thousands of years ago. Science was able to decipher how Otzi was murdered, but not who killed him, or why. This podcast answers those questions.

Based on the novel Relic: The Copper Ax: The Tragic Story of Otzi the Iceman by Bill Copeland, available on Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/Rélic-Copper-Ax-Tragic-Iceman/dp/1649086768/)

Listen to the rest of the series by searching "Otzi The Iceman Must Die" anywhere you get podcasts, or clicking the episode website link for this episode.

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